Corporate events

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences are important events that event managers do. Conferences are professional gatherings of scientists, doctors or sales persons for training purposes. Seminars are events of short durations say half day, one or two days or probably for a week.

Organizing them requires a lot of forethoughts and data gathering. Without experience, you can lose a lot of time overthinking the details. You might miss other important matters. Event managers know how to prioritize and handle matters so that you won’t miss out anything. From envisioning the conference to planning on site details, we handle everything.

Conferences may take 12 to 18 months to execute. So it needs constant effort without fail. There are many conferences from small scale to international summits.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are lead generating events held by companies. They may even host or sponsor an event to reinforce their image. For trade shows one need to negotiate sponsorship rates, trade show booth space, advertising and promotion and so on. Leave all the rush to us.

Executive retreats and Incentive programs

They are held at luxury resorts for business development and organizational planning but equal weight is given to enjoyable activities. The duties comprise site selection, lodging, business meetings transportation, catering, and other services.

Company milestones

Company anniversary or other milestones or grand openings, these events are celebratory in nature and covers clients, vendors and local community depending on the size of the company.

Brand Promotions

Brand promotion shifts the focus from what the company is to what the company makes. It is done to influence customers to increase their liking towards that particular brand. Successful brand promotion leads to more sales and more profit. We focus on more creative marketing divisions than fruitless strategies.

Corporate meets

Roots know corporate meets are important and we are pleased to help our clients in organizing high reaching programs for your corporate meets. We work round the clock to make the event a grand success.

Road shows

We hold fair experience in organizing roadshows that reach out to a large number of audiences. Our roadshow management services include site selection, vehicles, branding, logistics, manpower and element building. Road shows are safe investment in promoting your brand and company. Roots work on setting your objectives, location, venue and the right timing for the show. It is a great sales opportunity.

Product launch

First impression is the best. For our product launch we use tools like advertising, organizing and conducting market surveys, so that we can pull off a guaranteed plan for product launch.